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Urine Luck Detoxifying Agent

Urine Luck Detoxifying Agent


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Urine Luck™  is a chemical solution that destroys nicotine metabolites in the urine to pass a pre-employment nicotine test.



New Formula Notice: 8.0-916 and above

Urine Luck™ from the makers of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, is a chemical solution, which destroys nicotine metabolites in the urine to pass a pre-employment nicotine test. Current Urine Luck ™ formulas (8.0-916 and above) are completely undetectable. The product consists of two tiny vials about the size of a pinkie finger. It is designed for a daily user because preparations are not needed, but should only be used on GC/MS tests, as Urine Luck™ must be in the sample for 90 minutes before it becomes effective. The Urine Luck™ changes the molecular structure of the compound, which also changes every chemical property of the compound. This is also why Urine Luck™ works better on nicotine tests than on pre-employment nicotine screens. Nicotine screens are an inexpensive and less precise way to detect nicotine and for this reason, are harder to fool. The nicotine screen only adheres to the planer side of the molecule; however, the Urine Luck™ alters the right side of the molecule. When part of the nicotine molecule has been changed, the GC/MS immediately recognizes this and will produce a negative nicotine test result. Urine Luck™ begins to work instantly, however, the longer in the sample the more effectively the product works due to increased contact time. It is undetectable, and contains no acids, Glutaraldehyde, nitrites, or pyridine. The instructions state to urinate 1-2 times before the test, because the first urination of the day has the highest nicotine toxin level. It does not hurt to have a couple of 8oz glasses of water prior to the test. However, if the subject drinks too much water, the sample will be rejected as "too dilute". Urine Luck™ has a 99.6% success rate at beating urine analysis if the current formula is used and directions are followed. This product is recommended only for high nicotine levels (smoking 4 or more times per week).

Patent Protection Notice: This product has been issued a patent by and is afforded the rights and protections of the United States Patent Office. U.S. Patent #7,045,098.

Product not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws. Not recommended for instant screens. This product cannot be shipped to residents of KY, IL, or NJ. UPC: 674008190508


Shake both vials and add entire contents of both vials to 2-3 ounce(s) (60-90 ml) of sample. Always add Urine Luck™ AFTER you’ve filled the cup with your urine sample. Never add Urine Luck™ first! For best results urinate 2-3 times before use. Eat and drink normally, do not skip meals, and do not drink more than 10 ounces of fluids per hour on day of use.

Note: Current Urine Luck™ formulas are 8.0-516 and above. Use only current formulations (8.0-516 and above). Old formulations can be exchanged free of charge. See our Exchange policy for details. Please check this web site periodically for the latest product formulation.


Do not take internally. Do Not Drink. Avoid contact with skin, may cause irritation; flush affected area with large amounts of water. Temporary discoloration may occur. Do not store in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to air will destroy product: do not open product until day of use.